Little Lollipop Bay is a small oval-shaped bay that lies just north of the US 74 / Wrightsville Beach Bridge. The small enclosure of water, surrounded by vacation rental homes with private docks and fishing piers, is a popular launching point for novice kayakers, windsurfers and kiteboarders who want to enjoy a quick paddle in a safe location, or experienced boaters who want a fast way to head out to the deserted, and barely-above-water islands in between Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

There are actually two "Lollipop Bays" in Wrightsville Beach, which can lead to some confusion for newcomers. The "Big" Lollipop Bay, (known simply by locals as just Lollipop Bay), is located about an 1/8 mile north from the Little version, close to the Wrightsville Beach Public Works complex. Also surrounded by vacation rental homes, this larger bay is a popular boat launch point, as an extensive channel runs from the bay's entrance all the way to the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW.)

The route to the ICW is a bit more winding and shallow via the Little Lollipop Bay, but is certainly no less scenic. Passing through a maze of marshy grasses and small muddy islands, kayakers through this stretch of Wrightsville Beach will find ample wildlife, including egrets, ibises, great blue herons, pelicans and a variety of other shorebirds. The bay and the outlaying canals are also good fishing grounds for small boats and skiffs, as the bay is unpopulated and well stocked with small but tasty soundside saltwater species.

Due to its small size, novice kiteboarders and windsurfers also occasionally use the bay as a "training ground" of sorts, as the small expanse of water is good for rigging practice and small, slow runs across the water.

The best way to take full advantage of Little Lollipop Bay is to rent one of the dozen or so vacation rental homes that surround its borders. Street-side parking is also available to the public, (on a first come, first serve basis), for visitors who want to enjoy the bay's view, which stretches from the Wrightsville Beach Bridge nearly all the way to Wilmington's Landfall development.

A small but nonetheless enticing waterfront attraction, Little Lollipop Bay is a perfect locale for kayakers, fishermen, boaters, and anyone who appreciates a small but scenic pool of Wrightsville Beach soundside waters.Take a cruise through, or enjoy a weeklong stay for extended enjoyment, and discover why Little Lollipop Bay holds plenty of charm for Wrightsville Beach locals and vacationers alike.


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