While Wrightsville Beach has a collection of hotels and motels, the primary type of accommodations in this region are vacation rentals.

There are literally hundreds of vacation rentals in the town of Wrightsville Beach, which are scattered throughout the landscape and are found along the oceanfront, soundfront, and in between waterfront regions in the interior section of the island. Because of the sheer geography of this skinny barrier island, guests in vacation rentals will never be far from the town’s top attractions, which include the local beaches, the waterfront boasting, fishing, and paddling scenes, and the variety of shops and restaurants that are found throughout the area.

Because vacation rentals are so prominent, there are also plenty of options that can cater to parties of all sizes, budgets, and vacationing styles. Vacation rentals in Wrightsville Beach include condos or apartments, duplexes, and stand-alone residences, and can range from 1 bedroom units to decadent 7 bedroom or more sandcastles. As a result, visitors can find just the property that suits their taste with ease, and can find the perfect accommodations to fit their family.

With a wealth of amenities, ample options, and dreamy locations, the Wrightsville Beach vacation rental scene is among the most diverse and enticing in the Cape Fear region. On your next trip to Wrightsville Beach, discover how sunny life at the beach can be, and book a vacation rental to enjoy the most accommodating and all-inclusive vacation experience.


Why Stay in a Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rental

A vacation rental inherently has a number of benefits over a standard hotel or motel room, and visitors will want to consider the following when determining the best form of accommodations for their upcoming Wrightsville Beach getaway.

Cost: Depending on the party size and the length of stay, a vacation rental is often cheaper per bedroom than a traditional hotel or motel room, especially for larger parties who would otherwise have to book a block of rooms, as opposed to one vacation home or unit.

Space: Visitors are ultimately more comfortable in a vacation rental, simply because there’s more room to stretch out and relax. While a motel or hotel room typically has a bed, bathroom, and balcony, a vacation rental can have one or more bedrooms, separate living areas, kitchens, decks and porches, dining rooms, additional dens, and much more.

Amenities: Vacation rentals are competitive in Wrightsville Beach, and as such, many rentals offer a host of amenities to lure potential guests. These “extra” perks that come complimentary with a stay can include private pools, hot tubs, game rooms, free Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, books and games, and much more.

Convenience: From having your own kitchen for eating at home as opposed to constantly going out, to enjoying a great location that’s walking-distance close to the beach or area attractions, Wrightsville Beach vacation rentals are effortlessly convenience in every way. As a result, guests can spend more time enjoying their vacation, and less time searching for services such as restaurants, laundromats, Wi-Fi hot spots, and more.

How to Rent a Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rental

The process to rent a Wrightsville Beach vacation rental is very similar to booking a hotel or motel room, with a few noticeable differences. The good news is that finding and booking a vacation renal is an easy task, and can generally be completed from start to finish online.

While the exact procedures for each vacation rental or company may vary, as a general rule of thumb, potential guests will want to follow these steps to reserve a stay.

Fine a vacation rental company. The majority of properties in Wrightsville Beach are represented by vacation rental or “property management” companies which represent the individually owned homes and units, and provide services for guests including booking, maintenance, housekeeping, and general guest communications. Roughly a half dozen vacation rental companies are located in Wrightsville Beach, representing anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of rental homes each, so visitors will want to start by perusing the rental companies first so they can plan their upcoming stay.

Conduct an online search. All vacation rental companies have intricate websites where potential guests can search for properties that suit their specifications. Online searches can be filtered by dates of stay, number of bedrooms, location, amenities, and much more, making it easy to find vacation rentals that are specific to what a guest is looking for. In addition, each individual property has its own “detail page” which features photos, a list of amenities, maps, floor plans, and / or descriptions, giving online browsers plenty of details on their potential accommodation options.

Book your vacation rental. Once a guest has pinpointed the vacation rental they want, they can book the property online and make an initial payment, (if required), with a credit card. From there, most guests will need to sign a lease per North Carolina state law, and make arrangements to fully pay for the property before their date of arrival. Guests with questions on the booking process can also contact the vacation rental company via phone to inquire about a property, make payments, or address any other potential queries regarding their stay.

Checking in. When the date of a vacation arrives, guests will either go to the property management company’s office directly to pick up keys, and / or to the home if the property has a keyless entry code or system. Most vacation rental companies have check-in times that are similar to hotels, (i.e. 4:00 p.m. or so), and most properties are rented on a weekly basis, with Friday, Saturday, or Sunday turnovers.

During a stay. If any issue arises during a stay, guests can call the vacation rental company directly. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, questions regarding things to do, housekeeping or maintenance issues, booking a vacation rental for the following year, and other considerations. Vacation rental companies have staff members in every department to address questions and answers, and to help guests in any way possible throughout a stay.

Checking out: When a guest checks out, they may be asked to do a few tasks to ensure the property can be easily cleaned and ready for the next guest. This can include emptying the trash cans, emptying the refrigerator, starting the dishwasher, or throwing sheets and towels in the washer / dryer. The individual property management company will provide guests with any check in / check out instructions as needed.

Available Amenities at a Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rental (and What to Bring)

While each individual vacation rental is different, potential guests will find that Wrightsville Beach rentals have a lot to offer. From private pools and hot tubs to pet-friendly accommodations, these are just some of the amenities that visitors can look forward to when planning a stay in a Wrightsville Beach vacation rental.

Pet Friendly – Many vacation rentals can accommodate furry family members and are listed as “pet friendly” in property descriptions and online searches. These properties may have additional extras, like fenced-in yards or crates, although visitors will want to bring along their own supplies including leashes, pet beds, toys, and other pet necessities.

Handicapped Accessible – A number of vacation rentals are marked as “Handicapped accessible,” which means that they have elevators and / or one level living spaces, handicapped accessible bathrooms, and other features for visitors with mobility issues.

Private Pools – Some vacation rentals, (and specifically larger homes), have private pools available for guests, which are seasonally available from late spring until fall. Condo and vacation rental communities may also have community pools that are open for all guests within the building or neighborhood.

Hot Tubs – A number of vacation rentals offer private hot tubs which are available year-round for guests’ use.

Boat slips / docks – Soundfront vacation homes may have slips or docks that are available exclusively for guests’ use, and which can accommodate a variety of vessels from kayaks and canoes to larger skiffs or motorized boats.

Linens Provided – Guests will want to check ahead to see if linens – including sheets, pillowcases, and towels - are available at their property. If not marked as “linens provided,” guests will want to bring these bedding items along. Bulky basics, like comforters and pillows, are traditionally provided.

Grills, Outdoor Showers, and other amenities – Many rentals have enticing outdoor spaces and extras which can include grills and grilling areas, outside showers, fish cleaning tables, and exterior decks so guests can enjoy the great outdoors.

Beach access – Oceanfront and oceanside homes may have private walkways to the ocean and / or easy access to local public beaches. Check individual descriptions for details.

Wireless internet access – The majority of vacation rentals offer high speed and / or wireless internet access for guests’ convenience. Guests will often want to bring along their own laptops and / or electronics, as computers are often not available due to security reasons.

Game rooms and dens – Larger vacation rentals often have multiple living spaces for guests, such as separate dens, game rooms, lofts, offices, and other areas providing more room to stretch out.

Kitchens – Virtually every vacation rental has an on-site kitchen that’s stocked with a suite of appliances, cookware, utensils, dishware, and everything guests need for family feasts. Guests will want to pick up their own groceries, including condiments, paper products, and other essentials.

Laundry – Most all vacation rentals have laundry areas with washer(s) and dryers(s) for guests’ convenience. Guests will want to bring along their own laundry supplies, including detergent and dryer sheets.

Event Friendly – Larger vacation rentals may be able to cater to special events, such as small weddings and receptions, corporate retreats, family reunions, and other private parties. Call and ask your vacation rental provider ahead to find vacation homes that can accommodate events.

Purchasing a Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rental

All of the vacation rentals on Wrightsville Beach are owned by individuals, and guests who want a permanent home by the beach can consider purchasing a vacation rental to offset their costs of owning a home – including mortgage payments, insurance, community fees, and other expenses.

Many property management companies have in-house sales departments with licensed North Carolina brokers (real estate agents) who are familiar with the ins and outs of owning a vacation rental property. Guests can swing by or contact their property management during their stay to learn more about homes for sale in the region, or can even conduct an online MLS search to find real estate listings that match their criteria.

The cost of properties for sale can vary greatly, depending on the size, location, and amount of annual income generated from weekly vacation rental guests. While this extra income certainly helps a homeowner, it’s rare that the income gained from rental a vacation home completely covers an owner’s expenses, especially if the owner has a mortgage or loan payments. Even so, there are a number of benefits to owning and renting a home, which includes regular income, ongoing home maintenance, tax incentives, and the inherent joy of having a home at the beach!

Rely on a local Wrightsville Beach Realtor for information on homes for sale as well as what to expect when owning a vacation rental, and use an upcoming vacation as an opportunity to learn all about how a vacation rental investment can turn into a successful and all around rewarding venture.

Tips and Tricks for Staying at a Wrightsville Beach Vacation Rental

  • Rates for vacation rentals in the Wrightsville Beach area are seasonal, which means that the cost of a vacation rental is typically higher in the summer months than in the wintertime. As a result, visitors on a budget may want to consider a shoulder season fall or spring vacation, when rates are traditionally lower.
  • Many vacation rentals can be booked months or even up to a year in advance, so guests who want the best selection and most options will want to reserve as early as possible.
  • Conversely, some properties may offer last-minute discounts on open weeks, which is an enticing option for guests planning a spur of a moment Wrightsville Beach vacation.
  • Most properties are rented in 7 day increments, though some homes and condos – especially smaller units – may be available for partial week stays. Check with individual property management companies to see what options are available for long weekends of shorter getaways.
  • Be sure and adhere to a vacation rental’s rules and regulations, especially when it comes to smoking, pets, family groups, and party sizes. Guests may be evicted and / or asked to pay additional cleaning or repair fees is they break the terms of their lease by violating any established policies.
  • Protect your vacation by purchasing trip insurance, which is traditionally offered through the property management company when you book your vacation rental. Trip insurance can cover the cost of your vacation rental as well as travel expenses for unforeseen events such as hurricane evacuations, personal medical emergencies, or other issues that may lead to a vacation cancellation.

With hundreds of different options that can range from oceanfront condos to sprawling estates, the Wrightsville Beach vacation rental scene is as diverse and attractive as the beachfront town itself. Enjoy a decadent and relaxing escape where all the comforts of home (and then some) are accounted for, and stay at a vacation rental on your next expedition to sunny Wrightsville Beach.

Victory Beach Vacations

Visitors who are on the hunt for the postcard-perfect vacation rental in the heart of the Carolina Beach or Kure Beach area will find an enticing selection and plenty of friendly customer service when they rent through Victory Beach Vacations. Based in Carolina Beach in the coastal Cape Fear region, Victory Beach Vacations has more than 100 vacation rentals in all shapes and sizes to ensure that every vacationing family can find their dream home away from home on the beach.   When you book your Cape Fear getaway with Victory Beach Vacations, the fun doesn’t end when you leave the beach, it continues with an array of privately-owned properties outfitted with all of the amenities needed for a fabulous beach vacation.   Jenna Lanier, General Manager, explains that her family first opened the rental and property management business in 2002. At the forefront of Victory Beach operations is Lanier’s mother, Caroline Meeks. Meeks is both the Broker in Charge and co-owner with husband, Buck Meeks, who manages the Field Services team with Lanier’s husband, Scott.   For nearly 20 years, the Victory Beach team has worked tirelessly to establish a network of top-of-the-line rental properties for Cape Fear visitors to enjoy. “As far as our properties go,” explains Lanier, “they are all updated, well-furnished and appointed. “We have always performed post-cleaning inspections and since the pandemic, have put freshly laundered duvets over all of the comforters between rentals.”   Lanier emphasizes how important the guests experience is “we strive to give our guests a relaxing, stress free, memorable vacation.” This emphasis on customer service has led to Victory Beach Vacations having a 4.8 Google rating with over 300 reviews by happy owners and guests.In addition to Victory Beach’s superior sanitation practices, the company offers properties for every type of visitor. Choose from luxury oceanfront houses and condos to more reasonbly priced 2nd row properties with oceanviews. Many properties include pools and hot tubs as well, perfect for outdoor entertaining, and many are dog friendly.   Lanier also notes that all properties are within walking or driving distance to Pleasure Island’s main attractions – Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. The former, as described by Lanier, is the more commercialized of the two destinations and features a boardwalk, outdoor dining options and a plethora of weekly activities including fireworks, live music, amusement park pop-ups, and movies under the stars. Kure Beach offers a more residential feel with its fishing pier, intimate restaurants and family favorite, North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.More water fun awaits, too. “There is a harbor and a canal that feed into the intercoastal. We have several properties on the harbor so guests can bring their boat, kayak, [or jet ski] and travel between islands,” says Lanier.   A stay with Victory Beach Vacations is an annual pilgrimage for most. “A large percentage of guests are previous guests. Some even reserve the same property for the next year as they’re checking out,” Lanier says. “It’s almost like it’s their personal vacation home.”   Even before guests arrive at their vacation destination, the Victory Beach Vacations’ website greets them with a live beach cam and exquisite aerial footage of both Carolina and Kure Beaches. See for yourself by scanning the QR code and call Victory Beach Vacations at 910.458.0868 to book your Cape Fear getaway. Start making your memories today! —Grace Silipigni

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