East Oceanfront Dining is a posh little restaurant that’s found along a quieter section of the Wrightsville Beach shoreline, and which features beautifully colorful plates of traditional seafood and American cuisine with a twist. With a menu that’s always rotating, and an abundance of fresh ingredients on full display, this restaurant is a solid option for foodies who want a romantic dining experience, or who just want to sink their teeth into something new.

The sunny dining area is open for both lunch and dinner guests, and each menu has its own collection of traditional dishes and more unique coastal fare. Because the menu changes on a regular basis, patrons can enjoy new flavors and entrees with every visit, but can more or less be assured that a nice selection of appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees will be readily available. Sample lunch items can include cold-weather soups and warm-weather salads, burgers, and fresh wraps, while dinner patrons can look forward to fresh catches prepared in a myriad of creative ways, prime meats including duck, pork and steaks, and a host of global appetizers like poutine or steak tartar. Always distinctive, East Oceanfront Dining is conducive to multiple visits, thanks to a colorful menu that changes with the season. 

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