Though seemingly always hopping with activity, Wilmington has a surprising number of rugged and undeveloped paddling trails throughout the Cape Fear area, and newcomers can explore all these hidden gems with a kayaking adventure tour that’s commandeered by Mahanaim Adventures. Founded by a family of explorers who love the backcountry, patrons will be able to “choose their own adventure” and explore an expanse of locales that are quietly known for their natural beauty, stunning scenery, and abundance of wildlife.

There are roughly 10 distinct locales that visitors can explore on an adventure, including seldom-seen destinations like the Town and Rice Creeks, Fort Fisher Basin, Eagle Island, Holly Shelter Creek, and Sharks Tooth Island off the Cape Fear River. Tours are customized based on the kayaker’s interest, and paddlers of all ages (and abilities) are welcome to join in the fun. The tours can also be centered on a theme, and can include Ecology Adventures, Wildlife Adventures, Sunset Cruises, and even scouting trips or teambuilding excursions. With so many different routes to uncover, in veritably all nooks and crannies of the Cape Fear area, paddlers will want to return to Mahanaim Adventures again and again to discover a new, fascinating aspect of wild and waterfront Wilmington.

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